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Bats are invaluable to ecosystems for many reasons. When trees die, bats are often the first to devour the insects that feed on dead trees. Bats also eat pests such as mosquitoes, moths and beetles; the former even helps bees control pests on their bee hives.

Bats are a vital part of our ecosystem. Yet, they are facing threats from habitat loss, pesticide exposure, disease and threats from the farmed food industry. We encourage you to learn more about bats at If you have any questions, contact the Bats Conservancy at [email protected] . For more about the Bats Conservancy, visit

Both Myotis sodalis and Myotis alcathoe are small, slender-bodied bats with slender pointed ears and long tails. They are widespread through the southeastern United States and may be found in Northeastern states. Caves are the most common hibernation sites for M. sodalis, but bats may use other abandoned buildings or structures, bridges, or buildings for migration. M. sodalis tends to prefer moist habitats. Both species are insectivores and are well known for eating moths. In Maine, M. alcathoe typically hibernates in buildings or other abandoned structures. During winter, M. alcathoe is sometimes associated with woodland mice, which forage on the inner bark of conifer trees for food. During the summer, M. alcathoe gathers insects in flight with their long tail membranes. This species is common in historic landmarks, including churches and historical homes. We are fortunate to have many historic buildings throughout the state that are being restored or are in need of rehabilitation. Almost 80% of these buildings have some bats remaining. Click here to report a bat colony online.

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This disease has had such a devastating impact on bat populations, other wild animals are beginning to become affected as well. In New York, black swans are declining in other areas of the state and have now been found in the Hudson Valley in New York.

Whether you live in New York, Missouri, Indiana or beyond, we are already working hard with local experts to protect bats, support bat research and provide crucial tools that will help bat populations and bats nationwide. If you’d like to be kept up to date on the latest, sign up for our e-newsletter here.

The final benefit of bats is that they are a source of protein. Evidence suggests that bats are a significant source of food for many animals, including birds. The impact a bat-eating bird can have on an ecosystem is amazing. For example, in the Douglas fir ecosystem of Washington, Oregon and California, the Douglas fir trees are the tallest animals that have ever lived on the planet. When the Douglas fir trees are gone, the trees that do live will be shorter. The Douglas firs are also home to grizzly bears, mountain lions, and many other animals. Therefore, when the bats move in, these animals follow. An experiment in California demonstrated that bat populations decline during the absence of the largest predatory mammals.

Thank you for protecting the wildlife that helps sustain us. You don’t have to live near a bat house to be a part of this amazing organization. Simply write in and tell us which species you’d like to support!

When it comes to caring for your backyard, Patch For The Bat is the all in one solution for a beautiful lawn, abundant blue skies and a clean environment. Join other aspiring enthusiasts in the promotion of this bright and helpful animal. Share your photos and stories of how you benefit from the power of the Bat. Simply become an official supporter to get all the great benefits! We will be sure to thank you for your contribution.

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

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Given the evidence, we designed the following experiment to determine whether bat influenza A-like viruses, such as HL17NL10 and HL18NL11, can be transmitted between bat species, and whether they induce detectable serological responses in infected bats. To address this question, we used a murine model of infection. Specifically, we inoculated BALB/c mice with HL17NL10 or HL18NL11 and recorded weight loss, huddling behaviour, and clinical symptoms ( Fig. 2 ). After inoculation, influenza A-like viruses (HL17NL10 or HL18NL11) were propagated and titrated in MDCK cells for future experimental inoculations. Our results demonstrate that both bat influenza A-like viruses propagate in murine lungs, induced weight loss and huddling behaviour, and induced clinical symptoms typical to those caused by IAV infections. In contrast to the previously recorded acute lethality of HL18NL11 in hamsters and mice [ 8 ], the early phase of infection with both influenza A-like viruses was not fatal, neither in hamsters nor in mice. Mice did not gain body weight following infection, probably due to the effect of the inoculated virus (Fig. 2a ). However, huddling behaviour was observed in both groups of mice, during the first days of infection ( Fig. 2b, 2c ). From day 3 post-inoculation, the majority of the animals showed typical symptoms of IAV infection, such as hunched posture and lethargy ( Fig. 2d ). Interestingly, we observed infection-induced weight loss only for HL18NL11, the lethal virus in mice, despite the use of an experimental protocol following the one applied for the less lethal HL17NL10 virus. In contrast to the results for mouse infection, we found no evidence of lethality during the experimental period. In case of HL18NL11 infection, mice only lost 12.8% of their body weight after 6 days post-inoculation (Fig. 2b ), whereas, in case of HL17NL10, we observed a more moderate weight loss of 1.1% per day (Fig. 2a ).

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

  • Fast response, weak inhibition, higher selectivity than anticipated from single-neuron tuning curves
  • Average firing rates about 50/sec at threshold
  • Rapid single-spike adaptation
  • Large sub-spike-frequency activity, selective response to frequency
  • Spectral response contrast in frequency, sharp cutoff at high and low frequencies

What’s new in The Bat

What's new in The Bat

  • Aquatic bird from the urban and periurban areas of Wuhan, China, January 21, 2020, was identified. The bats are a natural reservoir host of coronaviruses and they are suspected to be one of the natural hosts of the virus. We report the first case of 2019-nCoV in an intermediate host of coronaviruses.
  • Further serological survey indicated that 80.5% of quails in a province of Wuhan were infected with 2019-nCoV. However, the infection status of the remaining 19.5% was not tested due to a lack of positive results in testing of all the quails.
  • 2019-nCoV infections are currently prevalent in wild animals and migratory birds. We hypothesize that bats are likely to serve as the initial animal hosts of 2019-nCoV, followed by the intermediates such as quails.

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